Pregnancy Massage

Enjoy a Pregnancy Specific Remedial Massage with our Pregnancy Certified Therapist!

About Pregnancy Massage

Our Pregnancy Certified Remedial Therapists will nurture and care for you during your appointment. In your initial appointment your Therapist will discuss your pregnancy journey and how they can help.  

From there your Therapist will tailor a plan to your needs and leave you walking out feeling light, refreshed, and energised!

Pregnancy Massage will help you decrease your aches and pains at the same time as reducing stress hormones making a happy and healthy Mum and bub!

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Benefits of Regular Pregnancy Massage

Improves sleep quality

Lowers risk for premature birth

Alleviates muscle pain and leg cramps

Reduces lower back and hip pain

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Pregnancy Remedial Massage

During your Pregnancy Massage appointment your Therapist will discuss safe positioning depending on your pregnancy journey.  Due to the potential stress and complications of facedown belly pillows your Professionally Trained Therapist will offer supported supine or side lying positions depending on your pregnancy journey.  But do not stress we have lots of bolsters, pillows and helpful tips and tricks to get you snuggly and comfortable.  Our Pregnant clients often comment on how comfortable they are and find it easy to drift off into a snooze mid massage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage during pregnancy safe?

Yes not only is massage during pregnancy safe but it has amazing health benefits for both Mums and bubs! Our Remedial Therapist are Certified and trained in Pregnancy Massage by Pregnancy Massage Australia, the leading Pregnancy Training College in Australia.  We are cautious with pressure, positioning and oil choice so you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

When can I start having massage after falling pregnant?

As soon as you feel up to it! Pregnancy Certified Therapist are trained to work with Pregnant clients prior to conception right up to Labour.  Massage is very safe during Pregnancy; however, a Pregnancy Certified Therapist has extra knowledge and skills to enhance your pregnancy massage.

How often should I get massage when Pregnant?

We recommend every 4-5 weeks up till 30 weeks. From 30 weeks we recommend every 3 weeks then from 36 weeks once a fortnight as you edge closer to your due date. Having a massage booked the week of your due date helps relax your body and can help promote an easier labour.

Are their circumstances where massage during pregnancy isn’t advisable?

Yes, any typical illness that contraindicates massage also contraindicated Pregnancy Massage but this may only before a short period of your Pregnancy Journey.  

We advise individuals that are a High-Risk Pregnancy, are having Pregnancy Complications or have had 2 or more miscarriages in a row to check with your Medical Professional or Midwife before booking your appointment.  

Oh and labour! Once a client has started Active Labour we go hands off until your gorgeous bubs has arrived.

When can I come back in for a massage post pregnancy?

This timeline depends on your birth.  For clients who has a  C-section, wait 6 weeks post-natal to let you the scar tissue heal. 

For non-C section births this depends on Mum.  If Mum is feeling healthy post birth, we usually recommend she can come in for a post-natal massage as soon as her post birth bleed has reduced to spotting or completely gone.  Your first massage within 12 weeks post-natal can also be booked as a pregnancy massage as this is within the 4th trimester and your Pregnancy Therpaist takes your birth journey into special consideration with your massage treatment plan. Plus, we love seeing photos of your little ones!

Can we buy gift vouchers for Pregnancy Massage?

Yes you can buy a gift voucher for a long consultation or standard consultation and this can be used towards Pregnancy Massage.  Our standard consult is a 50min appointment and our long consult is a 80mins appointment.  If your unsure you can always buy a credit voucher and your friend can put that towards products and services in the clinic! Our gift vouchers have a 3-year expiry so plenty of time to out the gift to good use!

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